Found Purpose (Dangerous)

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update about my life. But before I do so, I’d like to thank all of my followers and subscribers who have been following me since I’ve started this spiritual journey that I am on. 

Everyone who has been with me from the beginning have seen that I’ve had many ups, downs, twists, and turns. But through it all, I’ve always found a way to pick myself up and keep pushing forward. I am truly grateful for each and everyone you all, I can’t state that enough. 

As of late, I’ve began embarking on a new journey, my music journey. I’ve been doing music all my life, but I’ve never had the courage to release it and share it with the world. I guess I was afraid of being judged and rejected by others. It wasn’t until December 2020, when I built up the courage to finally put forth an effort in letting the world see my talent. 

In December 2020, I had some time off from work. One day while sitting at home, I had absolutely nothing to do and asked myself, “hey, why don’t you make a song?” This has always been second nature to me, so it wasn’t difficult for me to take out my recording equipment, pen, and notepad. I then pondered on what I wanted to write about, and reflected on my podcast “Class in Session W/ L.K. Hodge”. As I reflected, I noticed how empowered I felt while doing it and something inside of me said, “That’s your purpose!” Immediately I started writing away. 

As I was writing, it was like I was hearing every lyric aloud in my head. I honestly want to say this song wrote itself. As a matter of fact, my soul is what wrote this song, because every line comes from my soul, my deep inner self. 

This serves as a reminder, that we all have a soul and our soul has a purpose. Even if you don’t know what your purpose is, keep doing what you love and follow your heart. Your purpose will definitely find you. 

My debut single, Found Purpose (Dangerous) by L.K. Hodge is available on ALL streaming platforms. Be sure to check it out.

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