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Thanks for visiting Mental Stimulation. I go by the name of L.K. Hodge. A question you probably have is what exactly is Mental Stimulation. Well, in my own words, Mental Stimulation is using the mind in a multidimensional way. It’s when you read something, make meaning of it, and relate it to your life. It’s when you are having a deep conversation with someone and you never want the conversation to end. It’s having a true understanding  of your thoughts. It’s being aware of the world around you. It’s when you think of ways to achieve your goals. But most importantly, it’s when you feed your mind with new and positive things.

This blog will feature many things that will give you readers something to THINK about. Topics will stimulate your mind, as well as elevate it. It will challenge you to become a better person in every aspect of life. This blog will inspire you, encourage you, motivate you, and most of all make you a better YOU. Topics will include: Happiness, Faith, Dreams, Goals, Adversity, Relationships, & many more.

With that being said, let me welcome you to mentalstimulation.org! I know you will enjoy!

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